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RV inverters & converters play an important role in the vehicle’s electrical system.

Most modern RVs feature electrical systems that supply power to the various electrical components within the cabin. Some of these components include overhead lighting that illuminates the interior of the vehicle, any appliances used within the space, and power outlets. An RV’s electrical system is made up of two different systems, known as the DC and AC systems. The built-in electrical components of the RV and its battery run on DC (direct current) power, while most appliances run on AC (alternating current) power. In order to convert the DC system’s power to AC power and vice versa, an RV relies on an inverter and a converter.

RV Inverters & Converters in Lexington, North Carolina

RV inverters & converters play an important role in the vehicle’s electrical system. Inverting power refers to the process of transforming DC voltage into AC voltage, often through the breaker panel that supplies the power to multiple outlets. On the other hand, a power converter allows for the transfer of AC power to items that run on DC power, such as the RV’s battery and built-in components. RV inverters & converters are essential to the proper operation of the electrical system that supplies power throughout the RV.

At Triad RV Repair LLC, our team can diagnose and resolve issues with RV inverters & converters, as well as perform installation and replacement services for RV owners. We’re conveniently located for those in the Lexington, North Carolina area. Contact us today if you need assistance with either of these vital components or any of the other aspects of your RV’s electrical system.

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