Got a Retro RV? Choose Your
RV Services Carefully!

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Buying a vintage or retro RV certainly has some perks. Not only do you get to have an RV that is like a little slice of the past, but you can often choose to restore and revitalize your RV into something that you will love to travel around with. Here at Triad RV Repair LLC, we want to help you get your new-to-you RV retrofitted with everything that you’ll need to take it out on the road with the right RV services.

Got a Retro RV? Choose Your RV Services Carefully!

One of the most important things to remember about buying a vintage or retro RV is that you need to choose your RV services carefully. Because older RVs can be more difficult to find parts for and because there aren’t always people who know how to work with older RVs, finding the right mechanics like ours at Triad RV Repair LLC is essential. Once you find someone that can navigate and update things like the plumbing and electrical as well as the aesthetic elements, you will have a much easier time renovating and updating.

In addition to finding someone that can work with RV services such as plumbing, electrical, inverters and converters and heating/AC systems, then you can move forward with renovating the interior to your liking or keeping the feeling more custom vintage. Keep in mind that when you work on your vintage RV, your RV services and renovation materials need to keep weight in mind. Heavy materials will not only cost you more on gas, but in registration as well.

If you are in the process of renovating your RV, let our team here at Triad RV Repair help you with our RV services. For more information, call us today!